Jenna Dixon

Hygiene Coordinator

A member of the ACCD family for nearly 10 years, Jenna is an avid beach-goer, mom to 2 dogs, and a photographer. She is known for always having fun with her coworkers.

Tiffani Norton

Dental Hygienist

Born and Raised in McDonough, Georgia, Tiffani is a mom to her adorable Frenchie, Frankie. She loves everyone she works with—from her coworkers, to her patients, to her boss.

Becca Archer

Dental Hygienist

A Georgia native, Becca’s favorite part of her job is being part of someone’s journey to self confidence through their smile. She loves lake days, Passion City Church, trying new restaurants, and of course her mini doodle, Alvin.

Dorina Cretiu

Dental Hygienist

Dorina is our rockstar dental assistant turned rockstar dental hygienist! She has been with ACCD since 2012, and recently took her career to the next level by earning her hygiene license. Soon getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Dorina also loves to travel and work out.

Chrissy Buckner

Dental Hygienist

Chrissy joined the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in 2016. She completed her studies at the Medical College of Georgia. Chrissy was born and raised in Alpharetta, where she lives with her husband, Zach, her Pomski LENOX, and cat Jax. She loves shopping, exploring the outdoors, and going to the beach!

Tx Coordinators

Aline Oceguera

Treatment Coordinator

An avid traveler, Aline’s favorite destinations include Iceland, Vietnam, Brazil, and France. She loves tennis and running and has a bachelors in psychology, as well as a masters in business. She is mom to two beautiful German Shepherds, Meeko and Arya.

Business Office

Merari Solis

Financial Administrator

With 7 years of experience in dentistry, Merari loves helping people in need. Her favorite activities include tennis, going to the gym, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and her husband Christian.

Brandi Bentley

Dental Assistant

Our resident Disney princess, Brandi has been passionate about dentistry her entire life. She and her husband Luke are dog parents to Tucker. Brandi loves crafting, singing, and all things Harry Potter.

Michelle Berois

New Patient Coordinator

Born in raised in Miami, Michelle has come to love life in Atlanta. She has been a hygienist for 15 years, but is now a patient care coordinator at ACCD.

Amanda Money

Executive Administrator

Amanda is originally from Texas, and is married to Steven, a musician. They have two lovely dogs, Shadow and Jinx.


Lindsay Anderson

Chief Operations Officer

The favorite part of Lindsay’s job is working with her top-notch team—all of whom are high achieving, patient focused, kind, and capable. After getting her degree in communications, she served 2.5 years in Ukraine as a business development volunteer with the Peace Corps before returning to the US to get her MBA. She has two young kids, and a husband who is a firefighter.

Jamie Livermore


Jamie’s has a passion for developing people, her mission is to positively impact their professional life in a way that also enhances their personal life.


Estefania Ramirez

Sterilization Technician

With over 8 years at ACCD, Estefania loves her job because she is able to help all around the office and work with an incredible team of ladies. She has two daughters with her high school sweetheart, and loves spending her free time doing activities with her family.

Lizeth Varela

Hygiene Assistant

Samantha Bennett

Dental Assistant

Sam grew up in Atlanta and has been an Expanded Function Dental Assistant for three years. Her favorite part of working at ACCD is seeing the results that cosmetic dentistry can create for her patients. Outside of the office, Sam enjoys trying new recipes, working out, and traveling. She values her faith, her family, and her friends.

Donnie Burke

Dental Assistant

With over 20 years at ACCD, Donnie is an invaluable dental assistant. She is always cracking the team up with her jokes and dance moves, and loves to travel and roller skate.

Kayla Rahimbux

Dental Assistant

Massage Therapists

Angela Mattson

Massage Therapist

Angela is a massage therapist and reflexologist. She is a true dog lover with a giant heart. She teaches fitness classes, is always baking something tasty, and brings a smile everywhere she goes.

Hygienists today are highly trained professionals who provide an integral role in the dental health of their patients.

In Georgia, a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene school with a program of at least two years in length and pass the National Hygiene Board exam. Once these are successfully completed, the RDH then takes the Southeast Regional Dental Boards, which are primarily clinical exams using real patients. After passing the examinations, the hygienist must then register with the Georgia State Dental Board before practicing.Our team includes registered dental hygienists with special training, education and experience in the care of cosmetic dental work. Our aesthetic dental hygienists have extensive post-graduate training in courses such as advanced hygiene at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the PAC-Live aesthetic continuum in San Francisco, and The Hornbrook Group. In fact, they regularly attend as many continuing education courses in a year as most dentists are required to.

The work they do is tailored to the special needs of porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental materials. They also have expertise in the latest whitening techniques, periodontal and soft tissue management, home care education, and preventive tooth and gum care. Our hygienists place a special emphasis on providing these hygienic services with “TLC” and gently responding to the individual needs and preferences of each client.We believe that a healthy smile is an essential foundation for a beautiful smile. Swollen, red, or bleeding gums aren’t attractive. Besides that, unhealthy gums lead to loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. Therefore, your periodontal care is of utmost priority. We customize cleanings to properly care for your specific periodontal (gums and bone) needs. Some clients will be fine with routine six-month cleanings. Others may need services more frequently or may need full periodontal therapy. Whatever your particular needs, our hygienists will always strive to give the highest level of professional care while maintaining your absolute comfort.

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